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Nosh & Nap: 3 Scrumptious Stays in Upper Peninsula, Michigan

The allure of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula surpasses its renown for arresting landscapes and picturesque towns. For those who prime to delve deeper into their love affair with this northern wilderness, many distinct lodgings extend beyond the conventional ambit of accommodation. From rustic log cabins nestled in the sublime remoteness of Copper Harbor to the historical charm expressed in Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel, a trip to the Upper Peninsula can mean much more than just a visit. It’s a full sensory experience, combining the splendor of Mother Nature with the tantalizing flavors of the Midwest and the sophistication of globally diversified gastronomy.

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

A Beautiful Lodge Surrounded By Trees And Nature, Representing The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Experience.
Artist’s rendition of A beautiful lodge surrounded by trees and nature, representing the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge experience.

Visit the Keweenaw if you want to find yourself tucked in the bosom of Mother Nature while experiencing gustatory sensations that could make even the snobbiest of gourmands weep in pleasure. If you’re an explorer in the foreign territory of the culinary world, Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is a powerful player in the gastronomic panorama.

The Lodge’s interior evokes nostalgia for old-school wilderness lodges with its pebble stone fireplaces, log furniture and the enchanting charisma of the North Woods. The rustic ambiance sets the tone of your dining adventure, a prelude to the succulent symphony of flavors to savor.

A Hand Holding A Pasty

Guess what the main star of the Lodge’s kitchen is? It’s the Copper Country’s most beloved resident – the pasty. Keweenaw’s pasty is prettier than a picture, sturdier than a fortress, and tastier than your grandma’s best apple pie. And that’s no exaggeration – this pastry stuffed with a hearty blend of juicy meat, potatoes, onions, and spices will make your taste buds dance. Pair that with a beer from one of Michigan’s acclaimed breweries, and you’re in for a real treat.

Now, let’s not forget the diverse seasonal menu. It’s not just your average haute cuisine bollocks. There is something magical about tasting a local trout caught straight from the ice-cold Keweenaw waters. The Lodge’s chefs are unafraid to get creative with locally sourced ingredients. It’s like an open-ended culinary love letter to the region, rich with authentic flavors and textural contrasts.

The Tasting Post

The Tasting Post at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge in Copper Harbor, Michigan, is a unique culinary destination, offering an intimate and refined dining experience. Situated in the remote and picturesque Upper Peninsula, this spot is part of a historic lodge that blends rustic charm with upscale amenities.

The Tasting Post stands out for its focus on fine dining and high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. The menu is meticulously crafted to reflect the seasonal availability of regional produce and local specialties, ensuring that each dish served is fresh and full of flavor. The culinary team at the Tasting Post emphasizes innovative techniques and presentations, creating visually appealing and delicious plates.

A key feature of the Tasting Post is its wine and beverage program. The restaurant offers a carefully curated selection of wines, craft beers, and spirits that complement the menu offerings. This selection often includes local and regional options, providing a taste of the area’s best alcoholic beverages.

The ambiance of the Tasting Post is designed to match the natural beauty of its surroundings. With a cozy, yet elegant interior, diners can enjoy their meals in a comfortable setting that highlights the lodge’s rustic wood and stone architecture. During the warmer months, outdoor seating allows guests to dine under the expansive northern Michigan sky, surrounded by the lush forests of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

This restaurant is not just a place to eat; it’s an experience designed to engage all the senses, making it a must-visit for those staying at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge or exploring the nearby natural attractions.

This rustic retreat also offers cooking classes. So, you’ll satisfy your palate while learning to whip up your own unique masterpieces. Who knows, a weekend in Keweenaw can transform you from a food connoisseur to a local specialty chef.

Eagle Harbor Light
Eagle Harbor Light stands above a rocky entrance to Eagle Harbor in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan.

Then, there’s the ‘shared dining’ experience. In the age of social distancing, a safe, communal dining environment is something many of us have been missing. Break bread, share stories, live, love, laugh and eat together in the ambient dining hall. The culinary journey here is not just about the food or even the chef’s tale behind each dish, but it’s the collective stories you create and share as a community.

You see, Keweenaw Mountain Lodge isn’t just another eatery. It’s a culinary sanctuary steeped in history, with an audacious ecosystem of flavors and experiences quite unlike anything else. Forget about your standard, run-of-the-mill dining destinations – this lodge is a vibrant canvas painted with Michigan’s culinary heritage, served up with a delectable dash of outlandish, gastronomic artistry. Reserve your table, and embark on a taste adventure that’s worth crossing borders for.

Landmark Inn

Landmark Inn Marquette
The Landmark Inn Marquette – rossographCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Landmark Inn in Marquette, Michigan, is a notable historic hotel with a rich past that adds a charming allure to this Upper Peninsula city. Built in 1930, the inn has become a significant part of Marquette’s historical landscape. Originally named the Northland Hotel, it was the tallest and most modern building in the area.

Over the years, The Landmark Inn has hosted numerous celebrities and notable figures, including actors Jimmy Stewart, Abbott and Costello, and Amelia Earhart. These visits have added a layer of intrigue and glamour to the hotel’s reputation.

Architecturally, the building blends Art Deco and Tudor Revival styles, making it visually striking. Inside, the hotel retains much of its original charm with antique furnishings, a grand staircase, and ornate woodwork, offering visitors a glimpse into the past while providing modern comforts.

Scrumptious Stays In Upper Peninsula Landmark Inn
Pablo Punk, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Today, The Landmark Inn features a range of amenities, including a restaurant and a bar with views of Lake Superior, making it a popular spot not just for lodging but also for dining and social events. Its location in downtown Marquette also makes it a convenient base for exploring the local area, with easy access to museums, shops, and the lakeshore.

For those interested in history and architecture or simply looking for a unique place to stay in the Upper Peninsula, The Landmark Inn offers a distinctive experience that connects guests with the historical essence of Marquette.

Northland Pub

The Landmark Inn in Marquette, Michigan, houses a distinguished restaurant known as the Northland Pub. This venue is celebrated for its cozy, inviting atmosphere and its role as a local gathering spot where both guests and residents can enjoy a range of culinary delights.

The Northland Pub’s menu features a blend of traditional American fare and regional specialties, highlighting local ingredients and flavors that represent the Upper Peninsula. Dishes such as whitefish sourced directly from Lake Superior are a favorite, showcasing the area’s strong fishing heritage.

In addition to its appealing menu, the Northland Pub offers a warm, richly decorated interior with wood paneling and historic decor that reflects the hotel’s overall vintage charm. This setting provides a comfortable and relaxed environment, perfect for casual dining or a friendly drink.

Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Grand Hotel Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island, Michigan, August 8, 2016: Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan. The hotel was built in 1887 and designated as a State Historical Building.

Ah, the Grand Hotel. A grand dame in, of all places, the unassuming Mackinac Island of Michigan. It’s a marvel, a standout in a sea of cookie-cutter hotel chains. If your tastes are more Versailles than Vegas, this is the place for you.

The Main Dining Room at the Grand Hotel

In the dining department, let me just say this – you are in for one heck of a ride! Have you heard of ‘Haute Midwest’? No? Well, darling, you’re about to experience it. This is far from your standard hotel fare.

At the Grand Hotel, every single meal is an event. A soiree of sorts. Breakfast and dinner are included in your night’s stay, and let’s just say, they ain’t serving you hash browns from a bag or a run-of-the-mill continental breakfast.

The morning spread is an endless sea of choices, made-to-order omelets, smoked salmon, an array of fresh fruits, and more. An adventure-Michigan style.

As the day dwindles and the gaslights flicker to life, the doyen of the Grand’s gustatory delights steps forth. The five-course dinner in the main dining room is not to be missed. With dapper staff, panoramic windows, live music, and gorgeous sunset views, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back a century, having dinner on the Titanic, sans iceberg of course!

Let’s talk menu, shall we? A daily changing affair, replete with succulent options like Whiskey Flambéed Shrimp, Beef Wellington, and the Tour de Force, Grand Pecan Ball. And all this while a jazz trio plays seductively in the background!

There’s more. The Grand Stand a sushi bar, pool grill, tea room, ice-cream parlor, coffee shop, and five other fine dining options, each with its own distinctive style, from grand and formal to casual elegance. An amusement park for your palette.

And did I mention their wine cellar? It’s a gem containing over 20,000 bottles of wine. That’s enough to rival Dionysus himself!

Adventurous? They have you covered too. Special culinary events, including interactive murder mystery dinners and cookery demonstrations. Step right up and learn a thing or two.

Jockey Club at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

The Jockey Club at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island offers a more relaxed yet equally refined dining alternative to the hotel’s formal Main Dining Room. Situated along the first fairway of The Jewel, the hotel’s picturesque golf course, the Jockey Club combines casual elegance with spectacular views of the meticulously manicured greens and vibrant floral displays. This venue features an al fresco dining option on its inviting terrace, where guests can enjoy the island’s serene environment along with their meal. The menu presents a delightful array of dishes that cater to sophisticated palates, focusing on fresh, local ingredients and seasonal specialties. With its friendly atmosphere and exceptional service, the Jockey Club provides a perfect blend of relaxed dining and culinary excellence, making it a favored choice for both lunch and dinner.

The Grand Hotel is a culinary heavyweight, an anchor in the Michigan food scene. It’s unapologetically bold and absurdly genuine. It’s old-school opulence meets Midwest cordiality. Ladies and gents, pack your bags, your culinary adventure awaits. Now, if this isn’t a gastronomic glory hole, I don’t know what is!

Final Thoughts About Scrumptious Stays in Upper Peninsula

Artist Rendition Of The Woods Restaurant On Mackinac Island
Artist rendition of the Woods Restaurant on Mackinac Island

Finding the perfect Scrumptious Stays in Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is adventure is a recipe that involves a generous dash of your taste, a handful of your most cherished activities, and a whiff of unexpected culinary escapades. Whether you crave the outdoorsy ambiance and hearty local food of Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, relish in the vintage vibes and gastronomic grandeur at Landmark Inn, or seek to live out a luxurious page from history in the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, this paradise called Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is ready to welcome you in style. Each of these seasoned destinations promises you an experience of staying somewhere truly unique, graced by unique tributes to local history, culture, outdoor life, and of course, the vibrant flavors of Michigan.

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