Lady Elgin 1860

300 Lives Taken With The Horrific Sinking of the Lady Elgin on Lake Michigan

On a September night in 1960 the steamer Lady Elgin and schooner Augusta collided near Winnetka Illinois with such force that they almost split each other openly. Within 20 minutes, Lady Elgin was breaking apart and sinking. The Lady Elgin disaster remains the most significant loss of life on open water in the Great Lakes history.

Bath Michigan School Bombing

Domestic Terror – The 1927 Bath Michigan School Bombing

On a spring day on May 18, 1927, a defeated school board member set off a chain of explosions in Bath Township, Michigan. The resulting carnage destroyed his farm and destroyed the Bath Consolidated School. The blasts killed 38 elementary school children and six adults and injured at least 58 others. This domestic terror incident remains the top school massacre in United States history and is ranked 11th deadliest in the world.