February 17, 2024

A Bakers Dozen Collection of Ohio State’s Weird Traditions and Campus Ghost Stories

In today’s episode of ‘History Meets Hilarity,’ we’ve delved into the archives of Ohio State University’s most ‘esteemed’ traditions. From the letter ‘M’ getting the red tape to the chilly plunge in Mirror Lake, we’ve uncovered the peculiar ways Buckeyes gear up for that team up north. Thanks to AI sleuthing (and minimal human interference), we’ve served up a platter of Buckeye antics that might just make Woody Hayes chuckle in his grave. Stay tuned for more collegiate quirks—AI-generated, human-approved

Michigan Car Insurance – Unveil the Best Rates and Coverage

High premiums, mandatory unlimited Personal Injury Protection (PIP), and complex laws characterize Michigan Car Insurance. Despite recent law changes aimed at reducing the financial burden on motorists, Michigan’s auto insurance remains one of the most expensive in the US. However, motorists can employ strategies such as shopping around for quotes, seeking discounts, and taking defensive driving courses to manage these costs.