Port Crescent Sand and Fill

Port Crescent Sand and Fill Operations

After the lumber industry collapsed in Michigan during the 1880s. The town of Port Crescent was abandoned and most buildings moved. Sand operations started for glass making.

Impact of 12 Major Great Lakes Water Diversions On Water Levels

We found the twelve major Great Lakes water diversions that impact lake water levels. The Great Lakes region’s value to the United States and Canadian economies is huge. Ensuring that water levels are constant is critical to the economies of the two countries.

23 Crazy and Homey Tales From the Porcupine Mountain Cabins

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Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park comprises 60,000 acres of massive trees, rolling mountains, fabled shores, and everlasting memories. the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has tucked 23 rustic backcountry cabins or yurts into this stunning landscape, which are nestled into some truly beautiful spaces.

Belle Isle Mill

Belle Isle State Park Works To Restore Historic Sawmill

For decades, City of Detroit foresters industriously labored away in a quaint sawmill within Belle Isle Park, giving trees from streets and parks new life as usable wood after they were removed for road widening or death from disease, pests, or storms.