May 28, 2024
M1 Concourse Track

Flying Around the M1 Concourse Track In A Dodge Challenger Hellcat [Video]

I had the rare opportunity to attend a fundraising event at the M1 Concourse track in Pontiac, Michigan. This venue is a massive nod to Detroit’s muscle car culture preeminent in the 1950s and 60s. Its location on the north end of Woodward Avenue, where the annual Dream Cruise takes place each August, makes it a focal point for the event. 

M1 Concourse Track

The M1 Concourse is a focal point of all things Automotive around Detroit. It’s a great place where car buffs can keep the show and drive their vehicles on a closed test track.

The facility resides on 87 Acres on a long-gone GM truck and bus plant site. It has private garages and its own private Motorsports Club. The gem of the place is a one-and-a-half-mile Champion Motor Speedway test track. 

The Woodward Dream Parade is the highlight of the Dream Cruise. This is a celebration for all Woodward residents and admirers. A police-escorted procession (limited to 200 automobiles) cruises down Woodward Avenue and the historic Widetrack Drive in downtown Pontiac.

Getting Set Up To Take A Drive

M1 Concourse Track
Cars line up to take the next run.

Getting set up to drive on the track with a professional driver was seamless. After signing a waiver, I was fitted with a helmet and given a bit of instructions on what to expect. There were four cars to choose from,  two Dodge Challengers and two Mustangs. I was glad to hop in the Challenger and enjoy the view. My driver was named Kevin. He said he has been taking part in racing and a professional driver since he was a teenager. He said we would take two laps around the course with the last half of a lap as a cool down.

I asked if it was okay if I videotaped it with my phone. He said there was no problem with that but was told to hold it tight because if I lost the phone through the window, there’d be no chance to retrieve it.

The Race Experience on The M1 Concourse Track

Img 7639

Four cars went around the track at the same time. I jumped in the last of the four vehicles because I wanted a good video of the other cars in front of us. The start was quick, and I was pressed into the seat as the vehicle accelerated to nearly a hundred miles an hour on the first straight away. 

I’m glad I wore a helmet. On one of the curves in the back of the course, my head hit the side of the window. For a second, I was reminded of a 2019 film I saw, Ford vs. Ferrari. In one of the scenes, the CEO of Ford was taken for a wild test drive in a prototype race car. While this experience wasn’t exactly like that, it was a taste of it. We went around the winding curves and the backend straight away effortlessly. It was a game of chase, and it seemed we were inches away from the Mustang up front during the sharp turns.

Final Thoughts On The M1 Concourse Track Experience

The experience was over quickly, and I was glad I videoed it because I don’t think I would remember much as it happened so fast. The experience was just a taste of what racing would be like. I’m sure the real thing is much more intense.

The M1 Concourse Track was a wonderful experience and I recommend it for any car buff. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, and let me know in the comments if you know of other facilities that do the same thing.

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