June 16, 2024
Video Cover Shot Turnip Rock

Can You Really Climb Turnip Rock?

CNN has deemed Turnip Rock one of the most Amazing Rock Formations in America. Indeed, it’s one of the most photographed attractions in the Upper Thumb. However, the unique rock formation is located on private land and is considered part of the Pointe Aux Barques cottage community. Thus, you can’t climb Turnip Rock.

Turnip Rock By Water

Access to Turnip Rock is only available as a guest of a member of the Pointe Aux Barques community or access by water with a kayak or canoe. We have seen some visitors bring their Sunfish or Snark sailboats to the area. That being said, you must stay in the water or right along the edge of the water.

Visiting Turnip Rock

As soon as you attempt to climb up the famous rock or its equally favorite neighbor, the “thumbnail,” you’re trespassing on private property. Even worse, the entire formation is subject to extreme conditions and tends to weather, crumble, and fall apart. Climbing will undoubtedly cause some minor but real damage. It would quickly add up if everyone did it. In addition, you will likely end up arrested and having to spend some time in Bad Axe at the county jail. Which would blow up your good time.

It is best to follow Leave No Trace principles as a good steward of the environment. Besides, the real trick is to get a great shot of the formation at sunrise or sunset.

If you are not a kayaker, pontoon boat tours are available. Check-in at the Port Austin Chamber of Commerce for details.

Turnip Rock In The Winter - Climb Turnip Rock
Couple Takes Winter Hike To Turnip Rock In Winter – Courtesy Danielle Gauch

If it’s winter and you are adventurous you can cross country ski or hike out to turnip rock. The hike takes a couple of hours and is ideal if the lake is frozen.

More Information on Climb Turnip Rock

To find out how to get to this formation, check out Paddling to Turnip Rock – Five Things to Know on ThumbWind. 

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