July 13, 2024
2024 Hiawatha Music Festival

44th Annual Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival Set to Delight Music Lovers in Marquette

Marquette, MI – The much-anticipated 44th Annual Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival is set to return to Marquette Tourist Park from July 19-21, 2024. The Hiawatha Music Festival promises a weekend filled with exceptional music, dancing, and community spirit, celebrating the rich traditions of folk and acoustic music.

The festival lineup features an impressive array of performers, ensuring there is something for every music enthusiast. Headliners include Melissa Carper, known for her soulful and nostalgic sound, and the Round Creek String Band, who will also kick off the festivities at the Friday Night Dance. Other notable acts include Mama’s Broke, Runa, Lone Piñon, The Union Suits, Christie Lenée, Joe Hall & The Louisiana Cane Cutters, JigJam, Cloverland, and the Tuvergen Band.

History of the Hiawatha Music Festival

The “History of the Hiawatha Music Festival” traces its origins back to Marquette, Michigan, where it was founded with a vision to celebrate traditional music, community, and culture. It focuses on the UP community, which enables performers to have access without traveling long distances. Since its inception, the festival has evolved into a beloved annual event, drawing music enthusiasts from near and far to experience its unique charm.

Over the years, the Hiawatha Music Festival has seen remarkable growth and transformation. It has adapted to the changing musical landscape while staying true to its roots. From humble beginnings to becoming a prominent cultural event, the festival has continuously expanded its offerings to cater to a diverse audience.

Notable past performances and milestones have marked the journey of the Hiawatha Music Festival, with renowned artists gracing its stages and leaving a lasting impact on attendees. Each year brings new memories and musical experiences, adding to the rich tapestry of the festival’s history and legacy.

What to Expect at the Hiawatha Music Festival 2024

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Festival-goers can expect a vibrant atmosphere as Marquette Tourist Park transforms into a hub of musical activity. Attendees are encouraged to bring their dancing shoes for the Friday Night Dance, featuring lively performances by the Round Creek String Band, The Union Suits, and Joe Hall & The Louisiana Cane Cutters.

Location and Venue

Marquette, Michigan, the picturesque setting for the “2024 Hiawatha Music Festival,” is a charming city nestled in the little park a few blocks away from the shores of Lake Superior. Known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant arts scene, Marquette offers a perfect backdrop for this musical extravaganza.

The festival’s venue, located in a scenic outdoor setting, provides a unique experience for attendees. With stages set against the backdrop of lush forests and shore near Lake Superior, festival-goers can enjoy their favorite music in a truly enchanting environment. The layout is designed to ensure optimal viewing and acoustics, creating an immersive experience for all music lovers.

Some GPS apps don’t include Marquette Tourist Park as a named destination, but you can find it by entering 2145 Sugar Loaf Avenue or Powder Mill Road in Marquette.

Ticket Information

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Courtesy Hiawatha Music Co-Op

Advance tickets are available from May 21 to July 11, offering an opportunity to secure a spot at this year’s festival. Tickets can be purchased online at Hiawatha Music Co-op’s website or at their office located at 1015 N 3rd St #9, Marquette. For further inquiries, contact the festival organizers at (906) 226-8575 or via email at hiawathamc@gmail.com.

The Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival has become a cherished tradition in Marquette, attracting music lovers from across the region. Supported by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Michigan Arts and Culture Council, and the Upper Peninsula Arts and Culture Alliance, the festival continues to foster a deep appreciation for traditional music and community engagement.

Join the celebration this summer and experience the magic of the Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival. Whether you’re a longtime attendee or a first-time visitor, the festival promises a memorable weekend of music, dance, and camaraderie in the beautiful setting of Marquette Tourist Park.

Tips for Attending the Festival

When preparing for the “2024 Hiawatha Music Festival” in Marquette, Michigan, some helpful tips are essential for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Firstly, make sure to pack essentials such as sunscreen, a reusable water bottle, comfortable shoes, and a light jacket for the evening chill. Leave bulky items at home to move around freely during the festival.

For accommodation, Marquette offers a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets. There’s something for everyone, from cozy bed and breakfasts to modern hotels. Due to the festival’s popularity, booking in advance is advisable.

Regarding transportation, consider carpooling with friends to reduce environmental impact and parking costs. Public transportation and ridesharing services are convenient ways to reach the festival grounds. Plan your route ahead of time to avoid traffic delays.

By following these tips, attendees can make the most of their Hiawatha Music Festival experience, ensuring a memorable time filled with great music and community spirit.

Final Thoughts About The 2024 Hiawatha Music Festival

The “2024 Hiawatha Music Festival” in Marquette, Michigan, is a must-visit event for music enthusiasts and culture lovers alike. With its rich history, vibrant community involvement, and diverse lineup of artists, this festival offers a unique experience that resonates with attendees of all ages. From showcasing local talent to providing a platform for artisans and businesses, the Hiawatha Music Festival embodies the spirit of community, creativity, and celebration.

Visit the official festival website today for more information and to secure your tickets. Let’s make 2024 a year to remember at the Hiawatha Music Festival!

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