June 16, 2024
Michigan Philharmonic In Port Austin

Michigan Philharmonic In Port Austin with a Superhero Twist

PORT AUSTIN, MI – The Michigan Philharmonic is set to make a triumphant return to Huron County with a live performance that promises to be nothing short of heroic. Music lovers from all over “the Thumb” in Michigan are invited to experience the outdoor concert, “Movie Icons and Superheroes,” at Port Austin’s Gallup Park on Saturday, August 19, 2023, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

This special event marks the Philharmonic’s second appearance as part of the Port Austin Artist-in-Residence Program. Under the leadership of longtime Music Director and Conductor Nan Washburn, the free concert will feature a fun mix of movie music, paying homage to famous movie icons such as Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Incredibles, Captain America, and more.

Michigan Philharmonic In Port Austin

The concert, titled “Movie Icons and Superheroes,” will allow attendees to relive their favorite cinematic moments as the Philharmonic soars through musical scores that have defined some of the most beloved films in history.

The performance is expected to draw a large crowd, as the Michigan Philharmonic’s previous appearance in Port Austin was met with critical acclaim. The community is eagerly anticipating another memorable evening filled with music, nostalgia, and a touch of cinematic magic.

The event is free to the public and will take place at Gallup Park, located at 271 West State Street, Port Austin, MI, 48467. For more information, visit Port Austin Music. It’s yet another event in the Upper Thumb that should not be missed.

The Michigan Philharmonic in Port Austin is more than just a concert; it’s a celebration of music, cinema, and community. Whether you’re a fan of classical music or superhero films, this event has something for everyone. Mark your calendar and join us for a night that promises to be both entertaining and inspiring.

About the Michigan Philharmonic

In the 2023-2024 season, the Michigan Philharmonic, affectionately known as the “Michigan Phil,” celebrates its 78th successful year of bringing live professional symphonic music to audiences across the region. With a strong emphasis on innovative classical music, community engagement, geographic outreach, and educational programming, the Michigan Philharmonic has become a symbol of musical excellence.

Under the baton of Music Director & Conductor Nan Washburn since 1999, the orchestra has won 19 ASCAP Awards for Adventuresome Programming of Contemporary Music and received First Place in the American Prize for Conducting. The Michigan Philharmonic itself was awarded First Place for the performance of American Music by Professional Orchestras.

The 78th season of the Michigan Philharmonic features a full season of 8 concerts, including a mix of both classical and pops. Their award-winning educational program includes musician classroom visits and special concert performances for 3rd and 4th graders in five different school districts. The Michigan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, with over 115 students ages 8-18, provides professional instruction and numerous performance opportunities.

The Michigan Philharmonic’s commitment to reaching out to a broad and diverse array of audiences has made it a beloved institution in the musical landscape. With a mission to provide enjoyable cultural and social experiences, the Michigan Philharmonic invites anyone who loves live music events to “Spend the Night with Michigan Phil!”

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