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Croswell Swinging Bridge

Croswell Swinging Bridge – Unveiling the Rich History of a Small Town’s Unique Crossing

The Croswell Swinging Bridge is a remarkable pedestrian suspension bridge nestled in the heart of Michigan. With its rich history, unique features, and lively festivals, this iconic landmark offers an unforgettable experience for all who venture across it. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the intriguing tales and exciting attractions surrounding the Croswell Swinging Bridge.

Building The Croswell Swinging Bridge

Built in 1905 at a modest cost of $300, the Croswell Swinging Bridge remains an enduring testament to engineering ingenuity. Stretching an impressive 139 feet across the river, it proudly holds the distinction of being Michigan’s sole pedestrian suspension bridge. Initially, the bridge relied on just two cables generously provided by the Michigan Sugar Company to support the wooden planks.

Additional safety measures were introduced to enhance the bridge’s functionality as time passed. In a bid to provide visitors with a reassuring handhold, two more cables were added at an expense of $150. The bridge’s remarkable ability to withstand the test of time is evident from the fact that, in August of 2006, all 128 planks were replaced for $1,300, ensuring its continued reliability and charm.

Whimsical Signs and Nostalgic Charm

As you traverse the Croswell Swinging Bridge, you’ll notice the remnants of its storied past. While the original sign at the west end, encouraging visitors to “Love Ye One Another,” may have faded with time, a delightful relic remains at the east entrance on Maple Street. Here, a sign playfully reminds all to “Be Good To Your Mother-in-law,” evoking a smile and adding a touch of whimsy to the bridge’s ambiance. These signs testify to the bridge’s enduring charm and the spirit of community it fosters.

Annual Croswell Swinging Bridge Festival

A Celebration of Tradition: Every second weekend of August, the Croswell Swinging Bridge comes alive with a vibrant festival that honors its legacy. Locals and tourists gather to celebrate this iconic landmark and partake in a variety of engaging activities. One of the festival’s highlights is the highly anticipated cardboard boat races held beneath the bridge. Witness the creativity and camaraderie as participants compete in imaginative vessels, showcasing the ingenuity and fun-loving spirit of the community.

Discover More in Michigan’s Thumb

While visiting the Croswell Swinging Bridge, take the opportunity to explore the surrounding region known as Michigan’s Thumb. This beautiful area offers a plethora of attractions and activities to enhance your experience. From stunning natural landscapes to intriguing historical sites, there’s something for everyone. To learn about exciting free things to do in Michigan’s Thumb, check out this helpful resource: Free Things to Do in Michigan’s Thumb.

Video: Crossing the Croswell Swinging Bridge

Final Thought

The Croswell Swinging Bridge stands as a testament to Michigan’s rich heritage and engineering prowess. Its bouncy nature adds an element of adventure, while its sturdy construction ensures safety for all who traverse it. With its nostalgic signs, lively festivals, and the surrounding wonders of Michigan’s Thumb, the Croswell Swinging Bridge invites you to immerse yourself in history, community, and unforgettable experiences. Embark on a journey to this enchanting bridge, and let its timeless charm captivate your heart.

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