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When Michigan Was Still A Wilderness – 1841 Michigan Map

 An Early Map of Michigan Shorty After Statehood

The 1841 Michigan Map by H. S. Tanner is a unique print. Printed a few years after Michigan became a state this map shows many counties that no longer exist or have changed. 

Many of the county names didn’t survive; on March 8, 1843, the legislature revised 16 of those counties’ names. This map is unusual because it captures this limited period.

1848 Michigan Map Showing Counties

This rare map has an inset showing the western part of the Upper Peninsula and a travel table for Detroit Steam Boat Routes

1841 Michigan Map Shows State Still A Wild Wilderness

This early map of Michigan, (Michigan was made a state in 1837),  shows little expansion north of the lower two rows of counties with only several recognized cities or towns: Benton, Coltrellville, Corunna, Flint, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Hastings, Howell, Mason Centre (not yet Lansing), McDougalville, Mt. Clemons, Niles, Palmer, Pontiac, Portland, Remco, Saginaw, Saugatuck, Tomia Center, Utica, and Vermontville. At the tip of the Thumb, Huron county had no towns or cities marked or listed.


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