Kinde Michigan Grain Elevators and Depot

Kinde Depot And Grain Elevators

It’s a slice of a true American farming community in the Thumb of Michigan. John Kinde founded the village in the 1880s during the region’s transition from lumbering to agriculture. A lumber yard, general store, grain elevator, and post office were established followed by a train station in 1882 for the Port Huron and Northwestern Railroad, (PH & NW).

Kinde Michigan Depot And Elevators

Kinde was once renowned as the “Bean Capital of the World“. Michigan white navy bean soup has been a staple for over one hundred years in the U.S. Senate dining room in the form of Senate bean soup.

The Kinde depot still operates today as a final stop in the Upper Thumb for the Huron and Eastern Railway.  The railroad operates 394 miles of track in The Thumb and Flint/Tri-Cities area of Michigan

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