July 13, 2024
Michigan Car Accident Laws

4 Things To Do in a Non-Injury Auto Accident in Michigan?

Take a moment and learn a bit about Michigan car accident laws. Stay calm and follow these essential steps for safety and peace of mind. Moving around Michigan in a car is the most convenient way to inspect the city. However, it is paramount to be watchful when on the road, as traffic can be busy and jammed. According to the latest data, the Great Lakes State accidents were over 293,300 in 2022. So, it won’t hurt to plan for the worst while hoping for the best.  Studying and memorizing the following Michigan car accident laws will be highly advantageous for both rookie and seasoned drivers.

Try to Be Cold-Headed and Analyze the Situation

Michigan Car Accident Laws, Distressed Woman After A Car Accident

It is natural to get nervous and panic right after a fender bender. These barely controllable reactions stem from increased adrenaline levels.. But, do all possible to calm down and evaluate the current conditions. Take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and concentrate on the task at hand.

Scrutinize all people involved in the crash. Make sure everybody is safe. Next, take notice of a vehicle. If you opted for car rental at Detroit Airport in Michigan and sealed a deal via the Rental24h.com website, get in touch with a provider. The company is much feted for the chance to rent a car in Detroit for cheap and receive quick assistance in case of emergency. 

Move an Auto to a Safer Location

If nobody is damaged, focus on the automobile. To prevent further collisions and dangerous traffic disruptions, relocate it to the side of the road. While doing so:

  • Access the surroundings for obstacles
  • Turn on hazard lights to attract passing-by drivers
  • If there are other participants of the wreck, ask them for help to coordinate the vehicle accurately
  • Use turn signals to show the direction of movement
  • Don’t rush and act steadily
  • Pull over to the border of the highway or another safe area. Leave the car at the maximum distance from the traffic lanes.
  • Wait for assistance if the 4-wheeler is not drivable

Exchange Relevant Data

Sharing personal information with the engaged wheelmen is paramount to receiving reimbursement based on a valid Michigan car insurance policy. Remember to disclose such details as:

  • Full names 
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • Insurance specifics, including the name of an insurance company and policy number 
  • Auto info such as the make, model, color, and license plate number

Travelers who don’t scrimp money on the best car rental and lease a vehicle from a credible service can have peace of mind when a bump happens. Knowledgeable experts are ready to step in and take care of any problem. It is super convenient and makes any journey less stressful.

Document the Accident 

Document The Accident 

When in the grip of fear, shock, anger, and guilt caused by a collision, individuals may perceive reality a bit distortedly. Once the emotions are normalized or suppressed, it is necessary to inspect the scene and write down as many details about the ordeal as possible.

First off, pull out a phone or a camera and snap photos. Change angles to capture an automobile from different perspectives. Pay special attention to damaged elements. Besides, take several shots of the surrounding area. Such images may become irrefutable evidence when filing insurance claims.

Secondly, write down where and when the wreck occurred. Be exact with the time and date and any pertinent geo-data such as street names, intersections, or even benchmarks. Such nuances may play a pivotal role if any investigation is organized.
Last but not least, an important task is to collect witness statements. If anybody sees what happened, ask them to give a lowdown on the incident and share their contact information for future reference. Occasional onlookers may back up your testimony later, elaborating on road conditions, weather variables, and signals. If another driver violated traffic rules in Michigan, they will bear witness to your innocence.

Report to Local Authorities

Report To Local Authorities

In the Wolverine State, not all car-crashing cases require police presence. Addressing officers is obligatory only if an accident:

  • caused injury, death, or property damage transcending $1,000
  • impacted government-owned transport  
  • affected a non-motorized vehicle, e.g., a bicycle or pedestrian, and somebody was severely hurt or died 
  • occurred on a public road or highway and is related to a parked auto that was unattended and all attempts to find an owner went in vain
  • influenced a commercial motor machine, regardless of the damage degree
  • happened in a construction zone and provoked trauma, demise, or property damage of over $1,000.

If any of this is true, an automobilist must contact the police straight away. They will file a report based on the provided data. Otherwise, reaching out to authorities is needless, but all the steps mentioned earlier should be taken.

Key Takeaways About Michigan Car Accident Laws

Carefulness and attentiveness on the road are vital. But sometimes, even the most vigilant and skilled drivers have to deal with the unpleasantries of car accidents. Such experiences are likely to be distressing. But it is a big luck if every partaker remains safe and sound.

The number of crashes in Michigan has increased by 4% compared to 2020. So, knowing what to do if this happens to you is always helpful. With the recommendations listed above, copying with the difficulties will be easier. 

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