April 22, 2024

History of Point Aux Barques

The Tiniest Township in Michigan: Point Aux Barques

For over 100 years Pointe aux Barques has been a private community. Consisting of  900 acres with  66 cottages located east just east of Port Austin. 

Beach At Pointe Aux Barques

Residents enjoy a clubhouse, private nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, woods, and shoreline at the tip of Michigan’s Thumb.

The video is a pictorial story of the Pointe Aux Barques resort community. Established in 1897 and still going strong today. The private resort community is over a century old consisting of 66 cottages just east of Port Austin.  It stretches over 900 acres of property located at the “tip of the thumb” in Huron County Michigan.  There is a nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, clubhouse, barn, wooded trails, and shoreline on Lake Huron. 

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