July 13, 2024
Bach Michigan Depot

The Bach Michigan Depot

The Bach Rail Depot was part of the Michigan Central Caro Branch line, which ran from Vassar to Owendale. This line was a part of the larger Michigan Central Railroad (MCRR), a vital rail network in the region during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Michigan Central Railroad operated from 1846 until 1930, when it was incorporated into the New York Central System.

The passing siding was noted as being 721 feet in length and would have been used to allow trains traveling in opposite directions to pass each other or for trains to overtake slower-moving trains on the same track. This was a common feature of many rail lines at the time.

The hamlet of Bach was settled in 1889 and was located about five miles southwest of Owendale. The fact that the 1912 station listing refers to the location as “Liken & Bach” suggests that the depot may have served multiple communities or businesses in the area, which was not unusual for rail depots of that era.

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