GMC 350 Dump Truck with a Silver Horse in Unionville Michigan

An Unusual View – Horse in a 1950 GMC Truck

1950s GMC 350 Dump Truck With a Silver Horse in Unionville 1950s GMC 350 with a Silver Horse


Sometimes something catches your eye that you just have to circle back and take a look. This was one of those cases. It was almost like I was indulging my inner child who wanted to stop and take a look at just about every strange site during our family vacation trips in the 1960s.
Front of 1950s GMC 350 Dump Truck


This GMC truck was behind a bunch of faded storefronts in Unionville. I think one of the buildings was used to store classic vehicles. My best guess is that this is a 1950 GMC 350 Dump Truck. 
Horse in back of GMC 3500 Truck
I do not have a clue about the situation with the horse

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