The Lumbering Era in Caseville Michigan

The Spring Log Run

Spring Log Run In Caseville

In spring, the winter logging operations ended and the log run to the sawmill began. In this picture two men, referred to as River Hogs, worked to keep the logs moving along the Pigeon River to the sawmill in Caseville. The work took skill and was dangerous. River Hogs were paid up to $3.50 per day.

As the pin logs neared the sawmill near the mouth of the river a boom was running across the river to stop the drive and guide the logs into a bottleneck where they could be sorted by the owner and sawed into lumber.  The Caseville sawmill is believed to be on the other side of the bridge with the sloped roof. More details on Caseville’s early days as an industrial powerhouse, along with a map of the town can be read at Caseville’s History of Industry

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